Aluminium die casting

You have top requirements?

HEUNISCH meets your highest requirements by producing aluminium die castings.

By using the following casting processes

  • gravity die casting
  • tiltable gravity die casting
  • low pressure die casting

HEUNISCH offers the best technique for each aluminium die casting article. The aluminium foundry Slévárna HEUNISCH, s.r.o. in Krásná delivers to producers of cooling compressors, to the commercial vehicle industry and to each segment of engineering. With inhouse CNC-machining castings can be delivered ready for installation. If you require, pre assembling is done with your processed castings.

Aluminium alloys concerning DIN EN 1706

Range of weights: 0.5 kg up to 50 kg

Gravity die casting

Tiltable gravity die casting

Low pressure die casting

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