We set standards in environmental protection!

At Foundry HEUNISCH in Bad Windsheim the waste heat from the cupola furnace is recuperated and recycled. Since 2012 process heat has additionally been feeding into the local heat network of Stadtwerke Bad Windsheim. Via this network the school centre is provided with heat energy. This reduces fossil fuels and also CO2-emmission.

Further at Gießerei HEUNISCH state-of-the-art filtration systems clean 1 million cubic meters (35 million cubic feet) of air per hour. Our cupola furnaces have the lowest level of exhaust fumes in the entire state, far below the permissible level. We recycle in excess of 95% of our products and materials that we use.

Since 2006 approximately 90% of the moulding sand is being recycled. This technology is fully sealed and connected to a sound-dampened dry dust extraction unit.

This shows we don’t shy from our responsibility – particularly with respect to our environment!

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