Bad Windsheim

At our site in Bad Windsheim, we make machine-moulded cast parts from GJL and GJS.

You can find all the details about our Middle Franconian headquarters here. Please contact us for further information.

  • Hot blast cupola and three inductionfurnaces
  • Moulding lines:
    Graue 1300 x 1060 x 420/420 mm
    BMD 800 x 650 x 300/300 mm
  • Core shooters with capacity from 5 up to 150 litres
  • Modern line for primer painting with immersion bath as well as spraying
  • Fettling shop with fully automatically cleaning robots
  • Quality checking metallurgy lab and 3D-measurement device
  • Range of weight: from 20 kg up to 600 kg/pce.
  • Serials from 500 pcs. to 50,000 pcs. per year

We deliver among others to:

  • Agricultural industry: such as components for the complete driving system and axle housing
  • Air and cooling compressor: such as compressor housings, bearing cover
  • Commercial vehicle industry: such as differential housing, gear box
  • Drive technique: such as stationary gear housing, cylinder head, crankcase
  • Construction equipment: such as plate vibrator, gear housing, break housing
  • Marine: such as gear housing, compression bearing, bearing block
  • Hydraulic pumps: such as hydraulic block, oil housing

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